How does it work?

You will meet with your native Italian teacher on Skype at a time that fits into your calendar. Every lesson has a duration of 60 minutes (30 minutes for trial lessons).

The teacher will from the first lesson establish your skills and adjust the level to your needs. The content will be adapted to your interests in order to make it so meaningful and enjoyable as possible.

Focus on pronunciation
The most challenging part of Italian is the pronunciation. We will make sure, that you very quickly will be able to handle even the strangest words!

What about grammar?
We will certainly teach you the grammar you need. But don’t expect boring, time consuming analyzes of nerdy grammatical details. Instead you will learn grammar as we go along, thus ensuring that it becomes a natural part of your Italian language study.

What about homework?
It is of course up to you whether you want to do homework as well or solely focus on the sessions.

Check the calender for a time that suites you and book your lessons here!